To apply interdisciplinary and evolutionary knowledge and technology to peoples across the world to support them on an upward arc of ascent to human flourishing and continue the journey UpKurve. 

The technologies that seem to be really accelerating our species are evolutionary technologies. They are what some have termed exponential technologies. That is they double in price performance over time. Solar, AI, 3D printing, computers, ubiquitous internet are all examples of tech doubling in price performance. Couple these powerful technologies with what plato called the Good, and we can start to serve planet and people in a truly epic way. 


Upkurve is not just a technology company, nor just a communications company, we want to impact the world with social justice, personal empowerment, clean and accessible energy for all, clean water for all, empowerment of women, and to empower people with the right to search disinterestedly for truth, beauty and goodness. 

To learn and apply the positive aspects of evolution to development. 

- For building state capability we utilize PDIA - an evolutionary approach to doing development differently. 
- For building more peace and educated societies we utilize connecting technologies such as the internet of things and mobile phones. 
- For countries devastated by war or natural disasters we see what opportunities there are for growth, recovery and evolution. As life has found away so shall we humans.  Decentralised technologies such as the internet, satellite, 3D printing and solar power not only connect, distribute, educate, and empower they are also fitted to regenerating broken societies.  

We look at how we can maximize positive non-zero sum relations - through social networks, the crowd and entrepreneurs. As multicellular life found away to coordinate trillions of cells toward common goals, we humans can model this symbiosis via what is called collective learning, consultation and connecting with each other. 



UpKurve is understanding the upward curve of the Cosmos. The curve is this: Complexity increased in the cosmos when stars formed. Complexity increased when planets and life emerged. Complexity increased when multicellular organisms came to be. Complexity increased with the advent of humans. Complexity increased with agriculture, industry, and the complex world society we are now apart of. If you plot this on a graph over time it is an upward curve or up-curve. The K in UpKurve comes from the Greek spelling of the Greek word Cosmos - Kosmos. 

Communications has evolved. Hunter gatherers used sounds, symbolic language, face-to-face communications, cave paintings, and symbols etched on bones to share knowledge. The peoples of the farming eras and civilisations used the technology of writing. The printing press was integral to the industrial revolutions. The 19th century brought radio communications. The 20th century centralised radio and TV into mass broadcast media and birthed the internet. The 21st century brought the internet of things, large scale social media, ubiquitous screens, powerful phones, virtual and augmented reality. Communication evolves. Communications is planetary. Communications is and has been going UpKurve. These surges in powerful communication technologies happen in goldilocks zones of the world, e.g. silicon valley, big stabilised cities. To link these goldilocks zones in smart ways with zones not flourishing is what UpKurve envisions.   As Homo Habilis was so named for her use of tools and transformed the way hominids could interact with the environment, and Homo Erectus harnessed fire enabling greater access to nutrition through the cooking of food, Upkurve seeks to continue to utilise the best of our technologies and science toward social impact and upliftment.