Authentic living

I’m James Nicholls and these are the some principles I’ve picked up along the journey of life:

1. Strive to increase your awareness of and connection to wholeness (some like to call it God)
2. Strive to actualise the presence of love (altruism) in one to one relations. To serve and add value to your partner, child, stranger, friend etc. 
3. Know thyself. Strive to increase your self-awareness. (Interiors: psychologically, consciousness-wise etc and exteriors: brain states, neuro-endocrinal system, body)
4. In group relations, strive to increase justice in the world (the flourishing of love), and create social cohesion. 
5. Increase awareness of reality (Reality is that which doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it. E.g. the Cosmos, your consciousness, a cell, the moon, culture, money systems, human nature etc)

I consciously started to apply these principles around 20 years ago. Certain periods I was acutely aware of them and other periods I was not. When I did apply them, I was very happy, filled up with life. And those periods I didn’t I was superficially happy but not fulfilled, joyful and alive. The overall system was to think about it in the mornings and evenings. Like a goal setting and evaluation method.  

My aim is to apply these principles on my own terms and be able to give more focused attention to them, for example I want to be able to spend a lot more quality time with my kids, I want to do more projects in Africa of my own design. 

What about the cash?

The way I am looking to take it to a higher level, is via liberating myself from the 9-5 hustle, not exchanging time for money but leveraging the internet and a global market. There are multiple ways of doing that. One of them is through Affiliate Marketing. The concept is to create income from commissioned based sales. There are products that have a low ticket commissions and others that have high ticket commission surpassing $9K. The idea is to build your online business to such an extent that you can be getting residual income and high profits 24/7. The trouble is people who do it fully end up making loads of cash and have free time but are unfulfilled and pursuing surface level gains. My goal is to free-up my time more so I can do meaningful activities in the world like engaging those principles mentioned above. See more about affiliate marketing (including ($9K commissions) by clicking here…

Please do contact me on the principles I’ve raised and if I can help in any way to elaborate, I will.