If we have a sense of the deep past, we can imagine all sorts of possible futures, far flung and immediate. That’s partly why I love big history, the epic of evolution/the great story on the one hand, and futurism, sci-fi, religious visions of the future on the other. 

The deep past shows me a 13.8 billion year trajectory from a single point, through a spectacular star-exploding, life efflorescing and human journey, to the point of me tapping out these thoughts on a mac book pro. The past to me is an astonishing journey of creativity and possibility, a mind-blowing abyss giving out life and light, an awesome leviathanic library of lessons to learn from and fling us into the future. So the future? Well, exponential tech, knowledge and ideas are a damn good thing to get us going. I spent a lot of time contemplating me navel, dabbling in philosophy, religion and science. The meaning of life, the contemplation of the human journey and art are what humans should be doing. By going exponential, we can mobilise more of humanity - the so called ‘rising billion’ to join the conversation and to be able to contemplate navels. In doing so we will add meaning to our own lives. What more satisfying thing is there to do than to enable people to have access to clean water, food, energy, and knowledge (via the internet). 

So with the deep past in mind, can now imagine any sort of amazing future. Literally everyone in a state of health, wellbeing, happiness, abundance, beauty, creativity, as well as creatively dealing with problems.