James Nicholls is the founder of Upkurve, an international communications company. See linkedin page here

James has worked in half a dozen countries with CSOs, UN agencies, refugees, religious communities, scientists, start-ups, governments, the EU and business consultancies. He has worked in TV, radio, print, web and social media; run country-wide campaigns, published UN and EU books, written reports for the EU Council, EU Commission and UN Security Council.

James has worked with the Nigerian Presidency on how to accelerate change for its citizens, supporting their communication of public service reform he has produced strategies, workshops and content for the lead agency in the Nigerian Federal Government on public sector reform.

James was awarded the UN21 award by Kofi Annan (see copy here) for increasing the efficiency of the United Nations. He worked as a spokesperson in one of the biggest press offices of the European Union, produced TV in the United Nations Mission in Kosovo and worked on assessing coral reef degradation in Madagascar. James studied, researched and published Neuroscience at University College London (UCL) contributing to research on the neurological basis of learning and memory.

James also edited a book for the President of Nigeria; produced TV on CNN and UN World reports, directed documentaries and short films for the EU and captured video testimonies of families of the missing from the Kosovo conflict for a UN archive; Among other things James has worked with BAS promoting their energy transition product, a path-to-zero, via crowd-sourcing campaigns which won them an MIT climate award in 2014.