Communications for International Development

- Accelerating development in the world with communications, agile, service design and a global perspective



Communications for International Development

- Accelerating development in the world with communications, agile, service design and a global perspective

What is Upkurve?

Welcome to UpKurve, a communications company for international development. UpKurve consults government, business and communities on how to accelerate change for their citizens. We work with clients like the EU, UN, UKAid and companies like Atos Consultancy to accelerate communications and knowledge management for clients. We use knowledge frameworks to take nations in need of economic and social development up-curve with the aid of technologies, media and knowledge. 


Professional communications and knowledge management in UKAid funded programmes are critical to ensuring social impact and value for money. UpKurve provides that professionalism and expertise.  

We support suppliers in international development to communicate and engage clients, country-donors and their respective tax-payers with premium quality and modern communications approaches and practice. The overarching aim of our communications ethos is to positively impact the citizens of a country. 

We provide consultancy services on knowledge management and communications strategy. We do this through the following steps: 

Step 1 - Define the narrative and pitch of the programme

We believe that a development and communications strategy starts with stories and narratives. So we aim to help our clients get clear on the story or narrative of the programme and understand their stakeholders' stories. 

Becoming clear on the narrative enables the client to define the pitch of the programme (POP). The pitch of the programme is the DNA of the communications strategy. All programme actors need to know the pitch of the programme. The POP carries the essence, vision and objective of the programme. It can exist as either short form for things like networking events, or long form for meetings or bigger events. Depending on your role in the programme their is a need to iterate and shape the pitch according to who you are engaging and what it is you are trying to bring about. For example, if you are engaging government partners the POP will have a different emphasis to engaging civil society or media. 

With this in mind we enable clients to:

- pin down the programme’s TOC narrative

- create or enhance key programme narratives

- know their stakeholders narratives

- stakeholder mapping

We then develop the goal of step 1 which is the pitch of the programme.

Once a pitch is in place, publications and talks can be developed.

Step 2 - Publish to inform, influence and advocate

We help clients unpack the pitch and story of the programme into publications by:
- Creating infographics to engage donors, tax payers and stakeholders.
- Creating short films, documentaries, TV spots and movie infographics on  themes and topics to engage stakeholders in development.
- Managing and enhancing the social media strategy and engagement. 

- Augment reporting strategy and implementation including the impact and reach of reporting to donors and tax-payers, and impacting reviewers with the results that you have created.


Step 3 - Replicate, productise and scale

As the programme advances, your key interventions, reforms or core offerings need to be within an ecology of services and entry points to the programme services. 

- Support the elaboration and communication of your key interventions, services and products. 
- Support or create an ascending communications engagement funnel to guide your key stakeholders to your core offering.


Step 4 - Build programme brands and key influencers


- Build/enhance the programme brand and individual profiles of clients or key people implementing the programme
- Enhance and handle interactions with traditional media


Step 5 - Partner to communicate


We help clients collaborate in partnerships that will give greater communication by gaining access to partner audiences and channels. 



The cut-through

Our approach is galvanised by a vision of a changing and evolving world. So we:

- Equip development agencies and donors with the knowledge and tools to navigate and utilise the up-curve trends in the world. The up-curve trend is the law of accelerating returns (LOAR) in action. It is industry disrupting innovations like the internet, smart phones, 3-D-printing, solar, big data, social media and informatics that are changing the way the world operates. The price-performance of computing doubles every 18 months, which translates to computers getting smaller, better and cheaper every 18 months; which translates to sciences, communications, manufacturing and many other areas getting better on an exponential up-curve rise. Development organisations need to navigate and utilise this exponential change if they are to have impact on the world. UpKurve provides that service. 

We are dedicated to creating big impact in developing countries through promoting the application of good and beautiful tech and communications for social impact. 

We believe that through the unprecedented connectivity that is fast-growing in the world, there is widening empathic embrace enabled. Communicating and engaging in this emerging new world is what UpKurve is all about. 

International donors and agencies can benefit from understanding and utilising the disruptive technologies that have great potential in solving some of the worlds biggest challenges.


- Promote ubiquitous internet and an internet of things in international development

- Promote the scientific method in international development

- Promote the concept of service and empathy across the internet and technology

- Communicate for social impact

- Apply PDIA in development communications 


Clients and partners

Clients and partners